Catalonia Geological Research

Geology Field Trips

For Oil and Geothermal

• Geology field trips since 1989

• South-central Pyrenees

• Start and end in Barcelona

• Health, Safety and Environment

• Culture and Gastronomy

• Private field trips available

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Jon Gutmanis

  • Consultant structural geologist
  • Specialises in fractured reservoir characterisation

Berta Pedreño

  • Geologist and environmentalist
  • Specialises in training

Lluís Ardèvol

  • Pyrenean regional geologist
  • Specialises in clastic sedimentology

Davinia Díez-Canseco

  • Geologist, professor at the University of Alacant
  • Specialises in petrology

Valentí Turu

  • Geologist based in Andorra
  • Expert in Palaeozoic basement

Jaume Vergés

  • Structural geologist, full professor at the Spanish Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Author of more than 100 papers